Short CV


  • Excellent knowledge of programming languages (C/C++, Assembly, Pascal, Basic)
  • Experienced in designing and implementing various software development projects
  • Fair knowledge of Neural Networks
  • Fair knowledge of designing Digital/Analog circuits
  • Fluent English
  • Basic German knowledge


1993- Bay Zoltan Foundation Miskolc, Hungary

  • Research Fellow

1992 SIEMENS Wien, Austria

  • Summer Student, participant of a TEMPUS project


1993- University of Miskolc, Hungary

  • Ph.D. candidate, Dept. of Information Technology

19881993 University of Miskolc Miskolc, Hungary

  • Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Dept. of Information Technology
  • 1993 Graduation with good grade


  • Programming in Turbo Pascal language (Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Faculty of Economics )
  • Internet and UNIX user knowledge (Faculty of Economics)
  • Computer Systems and Operation Systems (Faculty of Mechanical Engineering)


  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Digital Signal Processing
  • Microcontrollers